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Welcome to Bittoria

The Crypto eco-system is plagued with unreliable exchanges operating out of unmonitored jurisdictions. Lack of control on the Exchanges leads to recklessness on their part which ultimately causes losses to the Crypto enthusiast. Bittoria acknowledges this fact.

Switzerland is considered to be a World Leading financial centre with strong regulatory framework and transparent environment. That is the reason Bittoria has chosen to set up its platform in Switzerland ,in order to give the customers the trust and security that they deserve.

Bittoria offers Fiat to Crypto in USD pairs with leading tokens such as BTC, XRP and ETH. More will follow soon as we strengthen our network.


Bittoria Blockchain Technologies SA is a Switzerland Based Company. Its Provide Blockchain services


Bittoria Exchange offers selected quality cryptocurrencies on its platform.
We provide a simple and efficient solution to trade between Fiat-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-Crypto ecosystem. Our user friendly features such as order limit, stop loss and recurring buys makes the entire process a seamless experience.
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Over-the-Counter (OTC)

Our OTC trading desk offers traders a host of advantages that sets us apart from others.
Institutional Investors, Brokers and Projects can participate in trading in large quantities without causing slippage on exchanges.
Users can also get access to deep liquidity and multiple cryptocurrencies through our profound network.


Mining farms, pools and Individual miners can now sell their crypto assets. we provides liquidity pools for the mined crypto assets through one of the top escrow services in the world to KYC/AML approved clients.


ICO,STO projects can sell Pre-exchange tokens to institutional investors and raise money directly in Fiat currencies directly. ICO,STO can manage liquidation in a complaint way through Bittoria OTC desk

Institutional Investors

Institutional funds, and large volume traders can now get access to large deals (both buying and selling) without causing spillage on exchanges. Top of the class banking and escrow services that are arranged out of Switzerland.


Bittoria Crypto Exchange is one of the Projects of Bittoria Blockchain Technologies

OTC Desk

Bittoria is well poised to serve large-scale traders with its OTC trading desk, allowing trade of large amounts of many cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange.

Trader's Custody

The customer has complete custody of his crypto assets in his personal wallet unlike other exchanges.We do not hold your coins in our cold storage.

Fiat Options

We accept all the major Fiat currencies


Bittoria is incorporated in Switzerland, World’s leading Fintech hub.


A+ Banking Services

We arrange banking services with top Swiss Banks.

Unlimited Trades

Unlike other exchanges, our customers can trade in unlimited trading volumes, post KYC/AML approval.

Fiat and Crypto

We offer fiat in all major currencies and more to be added

Top Crypto Currencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple VS USD Pairs now and more to come

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42, Route de frontenex, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland.